Thursday, July 25, 2013

Christmas in July

Ok was a rough couple of days.  I thought I lost all my pictures on my computer. And no I didn't have any of it backed up.  I know STUPID!  I'm not quite sure what happened but everything was gone or so I thought.  I had people tell me to take it to the Geek Squad and I was looking into it when my brother said he thought he could get them back.  So I let him try..and after almost a complete 24 hours everything was back!!! LOVE my brother!!!  I owe him a lot of drinks. But the hard part was finding where everything went to...any and every picture I had looked out on the internet was saved too.  So we had to go through and delete all of those which we are not completely through with yet.  Lesson everything to an external hard drive.  Which I have!!
So I did not post this back in December so I decided to wait until Christmas in July.  For the past three or four years we have had a door decorating contest at our school in December.  This past year's theme was a 12 Days of.....  I did two with my class and then the other with the recycling club.  I did not win!  :(  But it was a lot of fun.
Here is the Recycling Club's door.  We used recyclable materials.

I thought I took a picture of the whole thing but I guess I didn't or that picture got lost somewhere on my computer.
My class' door
                                         The elves are on the top left corner oft he door.

My students really enjoyed this..we stayed in during recess to complete it.  Hope you enjoyed!

Happy Christmas in July!!!

Itty Bitty

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