Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break and March Currently

Well I started my Spring Break a day early but it wasn't for anything fun.  I had my gallbladder removed Friday, March 8.  So the rest of my spring break well hasn't been fun.  Here it is the night before we go back to school and I'm to the point now where I can actually do things without being in pain or getting worn out.  I vote we have another week of Spring Break!!!! 

I'm not looking forward to going back to work.  I hate this time of year because now until the end of April we will be focusing on testing.  :-/

Here is my Currently.  Thinking of words that begin with M wasn't as easy as I thought.

Addison has really gotten into imaginative play here lately.  I love lsitening to her and her stories.  She has been a handful lately.  She defintiely has gotten her personality.  She tells me no and has the attitude behind it.  But at the same time can be as sweet as can be.  She tells me all the time she loves and that I am her best friend.

I have been wanting to put our house on the market for the last year and half.  I want a bigger house!  We need more space and I want to be closer to work.  The drive from where we live now to work..well it isn't fun.  It doesn't help that they are doing construction.  I can't seem to keep the house clean in order to put it on the market.  I am really considering hiring a maid to clean the house and pick up.

Here is the link to Farley's blog to get the March Currently.

Itty Bitty

Dr. Seuss' Birthday

As you may know Dr. Seuss' birthday was March 2. Addi and I celebrated. We painted our toes in Dr. Seuss colors.

We also had a Dr. Seuss dessert: strawberries and bananas.

Itty Bitty