Monday, February 4, 2013

Pinterest Party

I hosted a Pinterest Party this past December with some of my teacher friends. We had a blast! There was a lot of things going on at the party.  Everyone was to bring a Pinterest inspired food and gift item.  Then we made a craft inspired from Pinterest.

Here are pictures of the food.

This was very festive!!
This was good too.  I love dips!

 I don't remember what this was but I remember it being good.
OMG! This was delicious!!!!  If I remember correctly white chocolate and peppermint bark popcorn!!
Pumpkin Fluff with Ginger Snaps
Farley brought this...Chic Fil A nuggets.  She was allowed. She had surgery the day before.
The Pinterest inspired craft was a message board.  We took a cookie sheet which already had holes drilled into them and spray painted them.  (Thank you Mr. Kelley)  Once they were dry we put ribbon through the holes to hang them.

While we wanted for the spray paint to dry, we made magnets.   Diane and Rachel brought all their craft stuff for us to choose from.  There were buttons, dominos, scrabble tiles, fabric flowers..pretty much anything you could think of to turn into a magnet, they had.  THANK YOU, Daine and Rachel!!!
After we made our message boards, we exchanged gifts white elephant style. 
This is what I stole!!  I absolutely LOVE snowmen!!!

Everyone that came with the gifts we all got!!
It was so much fun!!! We are talking about doing this every couple of months.
Itty Bitty