Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of the School Year

Let me just say how EXCITED I am!!!!  Tomorrow is the last day and it is a half day with the kids!!!!!

sometime between tomorrow morning and 3ish I have to pack up and clean my room.   That is the part I HATE about the end of the year.  Why do I have to clean? My classroom is going to be dirty when I get back with all the dust.  Why pack?  It is just going to be unpacked in a couple of months.  The janitors can clean around everything. No, I know they can't do that plus my floors really do need to be cleaned and waxed.  My floor is horrible, just ask Farley.

We had our classroom party today.  We played the Win It To Minute games.  They kids loved it!

Here are some pictures.

This morning before lunch, the classroom party, but after our PTO carnival we had some free time.  So I had the students play a game.  I have no idea what the name of it is, so I call it the "Stacking Cups Game."  I found it on the Internet a couple of years back.  It involves cups and string tied to rubber bands.  The kids had to work as a team to stack the cups into a pyramid.  Each kid held one string.  There is absolutely no talking during this.  I let them practice with their group a couple of times, then they competed against each other to see what group could stack them the fastest.

Also "The Click" as we are called, wore our new shirts.  I heart them!!

I ordered the shirts because I needed to use a groupon.  SO I ordered them for my friends.  Plus I only had so much money to spend for the groupon.  I didn't think about how other people would take it.  So we were called the "click." 

don't worry everyone at our school will be able to order them. I'm not that mean.

Itty Bitty

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  1. you aren't but I am BAWAHAHA... that is my evil laugh!!! j/k maybe?