Wednesday, June 19, 2013

End of the Year and Currently

So the end of the year has come and gone!  It was a very crazy end of the year...I'm so glad it is over.  Our last time in the library the librarian put out pattern blocks for the students to play with.  This is what my students did.





Then my favorite

Well I have some exciting and sad year I will not be in 4th  grade.  I will be teaching 1st grade!!!!!  I am very excited and nervous.  I have asked to move out of 4th grade for several years now.  The opportunity came along when a 1st grade teacher asked to move to 4th grade. (I am very thankful for this person)  For anyone that is in a testing grade knows the opportunity to move doesn't come along very often.  It seems like once you are in a testing grade you are stuck there for LIFE!!!  So I jumped at the chance. BUT I'm sad to be leaving my green hall friends. (4th and 3rd grade is in that hallway)  We are like family in our hallway.  I won't be working with my friend, Farley anymore.  :*-(  I am moving to the yellow hallway which is totally on the opposite side from green hall.  I am probably the farthest way possible from green hall.  But I have already got plans to 1st graders will be writing letters to 4th graders.  I am going to buddy up with 3rd grade to do some math.  I will be back to visit green hall often.  Farley, please let me know when ya'll order Jimmy John's.  Also don't forget about me during professional development days for lunch.  Just have an Itty Bitty check when you get into the car to leave.  haha!  Really and truly I am very excited about this change.  It is a new challenge.

Currently Time

Itty Bitty

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